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Portal Village is a G1/SS Lab farming guild, with 5 spots free

* Main language is English - most of us are from northern or western EU or UK
* Our strongest players are C3 RTA / G1 Arena.. we ask ideally youve a C1+ Arena account
* In terms of activity, all we ask is you use swords/masks/lamps. Everyone who joins will get included in all guild content unless they say otherwise.
* We have discord, private swgt.io
* guild wars are around 6am and 6pm server time
* We have a sister guild, Portal City, that is a more progression focussed guild with an overall stronger player base - they push for G2, so if you find you need more of a challenge over time, there is a path to a guild that can provide that for you.

Shout with any questions - have a great day!
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